Doomov_#DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Despite the gloomy atmosphere the looking off into the distance seems almost hopeful in your last image.

Nice job and congrats on making it to the end!



I meant to reply earlier about finding lost and remote places in the midst of a giant, cement water dam faclity.

Coming back out to the sunny summer felt disorienting. The sense of a heavy alternate reality lasted for a while.

Great artwork in these.

Congrats, producing for the whole 22.

Happy holidays.


Man, you always made great pieces from start to finish! Been a pleasure to be in this challenge with you.
I’m going to be a good stalker and follow your work hoping to see more in 2018 :slight_smile:
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


Impressive Storytelling in every cool illustration works~

I especially amazed the environment knowledges you had delivered. Reminds me of the world of BLAME!.
Thank you for your kind words over my Drawcember~.

Merry Christmas.~ Hope to see you future progress of your storytelling’s art~.


What a wonderful sketchbook! :smiley: I bet you have a high chance to win. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a lot of cool projects in 2018!


Oh, GUYS! Thank you all for support and kind words! It’s a pleasure to be a part of this community! Happy Holidays to all!


Merry Christmas Oleksii!:keenly:


_well done Happy Christmas``~…


STFVIT, darkKiell, thank you guys!


I love the atmosphere effect of your last image and you are good in storytelling.
Congrats for the finall effort!
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! :slight_smile:


Beatrix, thank you!