Doomov_#DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Both your scenery and character artworks are really amazing! Quite a set of skills and talent!


Mother-of-Zar, thank you!
SmallPoly, thanks!
POSEIdOON, one of my biggest influences at all, genius artist!
grafik, thank you!

Day 19

I was crawling like an ant through formicary. Wandering through this endless labyrinth. In some places this city was practically claustrophobic, in others, you felt crushed by its mass and scale.


oh dear…adding the little text makes me want to read a comic/ manga of you :smiley:


Mother-of-Zar, thank you! I was thinking about my own graphic novel for quite some time, but most of all I want to make an animation film someday.


Day 20

Climbing the stairs, I was desperate to get out. To find a place where I can breathe in full. I knew that I was close, I have to walk just a little bit more, just a little bit.


Love the perspective! Exelent work!


grafik, thank you, mate!


I agree with Mother-of-Zar! Your images give already a great environment and you adding text to it makes it all magic and real. You really should make your graphic novel before making an animation :slight_smile:


Phewwww… 'nuff said. :wink:


POSEIdOON, thanks, I’ll consider this idea.
Lammakian, thanks!)


Day 21

Low-frequented sounds struck echoes, the whole structure seemed to breathe. The wet wind whipped me like a torn flag. I was close, close to the edge.


Amazing work on the athomsphere Doomov!


grafik, thanks!

Day 22

Only now I’ve realized, that there is no escape from this place. Giant cavity, filled with water treatment structures and fog which was so dense I could barely see my own hands. At least feeling of constant suppression faded for a moment.


At this point you just have to publish a comic book!
Very beautiful these latest images and congratulations.:applause:


love the expression of your last one <3 sad and scary end of your short story. congratulations on completing the challenge. very impressive job on your paintings :applause:


STFVIT, Mother-of-Zar, thank you a lot!


Great atmosphere to these shots. Good work.


Congrats! All 22 days are here. Awesome works, man.


congratz man! solid work from start to finish!


I can totally relate to the character in your last picture… It is amazing, just like all the other ones.
I’m gonna rewind and look at them in order and appreciate your outstanding work.

Congrats, mate.