Doomov_#DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Guys, thank you all for kind words!

Day 15


Already late for one day. Eh.

Day 16


hmm… his journey seems not to be over yet. what will happen next?


Very good and exciting! I love this robot!


Mother-of-Zar, I don’t know if it will be another sequence or just number of pictures which are briefly related by setting. We’ll see.
Beatrix, thank you!


Oh man, oh man, oh man… I keep going back here, and I’m always amazed by your stuff. It feels like I’m in there !


Lammakian, thanks, mate! nice to hear this!


Very realistic scenes. Love that fog in the distance… gives drama to the image


Great images so far! Keep up, dude


POSEIdOON, nkirill, thanks, guys!

Day 17


I’ve been trying to figure out what your work reminds me of, and now I know! Bladerunner! It has that sci-fi / noir / dystopian look to it, and with the figure in a long coat makes me think someone is off doing detective or some sort of investigative work. :slight_smile:


These lastones are amazing! I like day 17 the most! Composition, framing, light and geometry, nice!


Sophisticated dystopia!


justcallmeinsane, Blade Runner was a huge inspiration, also I was greatly inspired by works by Tsutomu Nihei, like Biomega, Blame, Noise.
grafik, thanks, mate!
fustifoccs, thank you!

Day 18, and I’m still late for one day.

Concrete, like meat, was hanging on metal bones, static hum from wires was so intense, that I could barely hear my own thoughts. There was almost nobody on my way, it felt like I was stuck in limbo.


Very dark, very exciting, very good! :slight_smile:


do you look at reference photos when it comes to adding details or are you very much familiar with the subject you paint :slight_smile: looks awesome btw


Beatrix, thanks!
Mother-of-Zar, for this particular piece I was photobashing a base for image and painting over like I do at work because I was really short on time. It’s a common practice in concept art by now. When I have time, I draw as much as I can by hand, like on day 3 in this challenge, but when I don’t, I have to chose other technics.


photobashing is just a timesaver. It requires the same knowledge as painting the whole piece.:slight_smile:


Wow. Really love your day 15 and 16. Great detail and composition.


I’ve been thinking of Blame! when seeying your Works! Ehehe