Doomov_#DrawCember Sketchbook thread


dinodog-jr, thank you, man!

Day 12


Like it. Like it.

There’s a sequence?

I’ll look.


Oh No! You didn’t!!! You are actually leaving us here with that!! What happened? Did he notice the other attacker?.. When will this continue?


JoelHageman, thanks, yes it’s a sequence, starts from day 4, excepting days 5,6 and till now.
gfigueroa, thanks, I hope that I’ll be able to finish this sequence this week.


wow <3 hopefully I am going to reach your skill level one day :smiley: totally awesome


Mother-of-Zar, thank you!


Man, the tension is palpable ! Can’t wait for the next !! :eek:


Cool artworks, great idea to compile all sketches to one story!


Lammakian, nkirill, thanks!

Day 13
Didn’t know where to go with this one, not really happy with the result.


This action scenes continue to look great Doomov!


skillful play with light and shadow :smiley: great Entry as always


POSEIdOON, thanks, mate!
Mother-of-Zar, thank you!


Very niceaction scene again! Indeed, you play the light very well between foreground, middle and background.


grafik, thank you!


This is a spectacular scene! Great!


Beatrix, thanks!

Day 14


This smoke and the robotic hand is good.


I completely agree.
We see that the character has had a lot of problems lately!


Same. Nice atmosphere on this one.


Lot of problems lately?!.. to me seems the character had problems all his life! Ehehe
Great environment and character. I love scarred characters, right there means he has a story to tell…