Doomov_#DrawCember Sketchbook thread


lovely work on the man’s face~.


JC3D, it’s my pleasure, I hope that my advice can help.
chantellewalker, thanks!
dinodog-jr, thanks!

Day 8


Greatcharacter design and specially the mood, you master so well!


grafik, thank you!


Day 9


Loved this last one, day 9. I see your characters are starting to come together. Great environment and composition


wow :open_mouth: day 9 is incredibly awesome. feeling the cold enviroment. cant stop staring at the shimmer of the wet street. what an atmosphere


That BADASSNESS… You keep on delivering, dude !
That Day 9 piece is like a frickin’ amazing still from a movie where you tell yourself “Shit is about to get real”.

Can’t wait for the next one !:bounce:


One of your best! Love the composition, detail and mood!


Your lightning texture is beautiful!


Exciting picture and very nice surface effects!


Thank you all for kind words! Hope Day 10 won’t disappoint. This one was hard, trying to do comps with multiple characters.


Day 11


Can your work get any cooler ?..
It’s like watching a movie in slow motion… :eek:

Hell yeah, I can’t wait for the next one, then the next one… until the 22nd so that I can watch all of them again, in order and play a little movie in my head. :buttrock:


Lammakian, thanks mate!


Love the action! Very nice last two artworks, particularly day 10, very well achieve acomposition.


I love your absract brush strokes in your paintings :slight_smile: It acquires very good skills and knowlendge to be this confident in your lines.


Great pieces like usual! And like Lammakian said, seems like a movie in slow motion :slight_smile:


grafik, POSEIdOON, thanks, guys! I aimed for cinematic feeling in this sequence, and it’s good to hear that I succeed in some way.
Mother-of-Zar, thank you!


Day 10 is so badass action scene~!
You’ve nailed the Killing atmosphere in your painting.