Doomov_#DrawCember Sketchbook thread


very cool works! :slight_smile:


Kunniki, thanks!


Like much the mood and composition. Have you also tried some aspect ratio of 16:9? I mean if you feel like to promote the cinematic aspects of the artwork :slight_smile:


These are amazing!


Aarasch, thanks, just used my usual template with the first pic and after that decided to keep it similar to the other pics. Will try 16:9 later, thanks for the advice!
Eugioh, thanks!

Due to lack of clear answer from Wacom about prompt, here is my Santa, hunting on bad “kids”.[b]



_quite out standing _ _``~…


Santa’s favorite part, the naughty list.


Nice job!:cool:


ahfinally a close-up, looks great man, specially the mood, is what’s best for me. Doing a close up saves you a lot of more work
doing scenarios is thought :D!


Bad ass Santa! Loved it :smiley:


Good! I love this Santa! :slight_smile:


Thanks, guys!

For today I decided to go with Santa’s sidekick, Bloody Elf with his fancy scarf)


love the santa great work


Khosi, thanks!

Day 7, I’m really happy that we can continue doing our own themes!


I agree with you! Its alot more relaxing and fun to make what we feel like it.
Now i see you put aside the backgrounds and you’re having fun with faces, ehehe. Great job with thoses faces!


POSEIdOON, furthermore it’s my motivation to stay late and draw till 1-2 AM every day. And thanks! I have one idea related to that tunnel from day 4, these faces are some kind of build up for the scene. Don’t know if I’m able to pull it off, we’ll see.


I’m really happy about that too. The themes just don’t really fit into what’s on my shortlist to practice right now. Your day 7 is very mysterious!


SmallPoly, thanks!


I am learning a lot from your sketches! Thanks for your comments!


Wow these are awesome! It’s like a story noir is about to begin