Doomov_#DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Hi to all! Hope I’ll be able to keep up with everyday posting. Good luck to everybody!) #drawcember #wacom #madewithwacom


I like it! very nice mood


Thank you mate!


Very good environment! Keep them coming :slight_smile:


POSEIdOON, thanks!
Day 2 by the way! Gone too far with this one, but it was fun)


Crazy level of detail! Love it


POSEIdOON, thanks!


Best of luck man, these are great sketches. Love the overall mood and atmosphere.


dronejmr1, thanks!


Terrific stuff.
Hope to see the process~


Really nice, are those related? It seems that a mix with Blade Runner (at least in my head)


Day 3, bit off more than I could chew.
dinodog-jr, thanks! I’ll try to make a process for last one, it will take a bit of time.
gfigueroa, thanks! yes, kinda related. I had an idea about some noir/cyberpunk setting and decided to try it with this challenge.


I also would like to see your proccess, because this are amazing!


DAYUM :eek:!


POSEIdOON, LadyMedusa, thanks! And here is the process for last one. For more complex stuff I use 3d block-outs with basic light and photobash some stuff.


Holly molly ! So atmospheric ! :eek:
Thank you so much for sharing your process. It makes me want to try something like that !


looking great, last one my favourite, all the work was worth it.


An oppressive atmosphere with an excellent realization. Good.
The process is very interesting.


Great stuff Doomov!
Thank you for showing us your proccess


Guys! Thank you all for kind words!
Day 4, hard to keep the same quality level on weekdays.