Donna Urdinov - Sketchbook


Hi Guys!

In an attempt to keep the art ball rolling for me I’ve decided to challenge myself to do a new study everyday for the month of May, with this week’s theme being female likeness.
For the first day I’ve decided to sculpt a likeness of Tashi Rodriguez, it took approx 4-5 hours along with polypainting.
Hopefully I will as an improvement in skill and speed as the month progresses


Like it! Both the work and the model picked!
I think the female anatomy is nailed on nice, what I’d do now is take a breath, sit, analyze and then adapt the structure features of the face to take somewhere. Giving her features that are slightly boyish can help bring a protagonist/tougher look, for instance, rounder shapes to make her more friendly.
Also don’t forget asymmetry in your work, if you open the ref photo in photoshop and flip the canvas, you see a few asymmetries that are natural to everyone’s faces.
Great style btw!

But as you said, these are studies and maybe it doesn’t matter :slight_smile:


Hey Donna you are super fast with your sketches would love to keep an eye on them here and im sure others could use your input as well.


Wheres the updates I know how fast you are!


Hey Donna ! Always loved all your work.