Does the Merge tool clip values?


I’m working with 32-bit EXR images, and Fusion clearly shows there are values above 1 in the Loader node, but the moment I combine two images together with a Merge Fusion seems to be clipping everything at 1.0. Does anyone have any idea why that is?

EDIT: Welp, turns out I’m just not paying attention to my project settings. Everything was getting clipped because my project preferences were set to 8-bit color depth, so I changed it to 32-bit and life was instantly better.


actuall fusion tries to keep the bit depth of you background stream, if you didnt something wrong in the loader you should have a floating point image after the merge without setting something else in the comp preferences.

these settings are mostly for the generator tools (BG, FastNoise, Render3d, …)


Although I don’t disagree that that’s what Fusion is supposed to be doing, for whatever reason it would look at the 32-bit foreground image and 32-bit background image and think to itself, “Let’s just create an 8-bit Merge tool here.”

For my specific composition, the solution was to go into the preferences and change the project bit depth from 8-bit to 32-bit. Once that was saved, all of the Merge tools automatically switched to 32-bit and magically my headache from the last day and a half went away. :slight_smile: