Does MXS support DWG export to different coordinates?


Say I have a box located around origo in 3dsMax.
But upon export to DWG, I want the box to be located X 1000 meters and Y +1000 meters.

Is there support for something like that?

Right now, I do this in AutoCAD. This means I move things from their true location to someplace near origo. Then I export to DWG to be imported to max. I do my alterations, export to new DWG. Open in AutoCAD and move back to its real location.

I know that solving this in Max - if possible - is just half the solution, because I still need to move things to origo in AutoCAD so that they can be opened in Max. Software like Infraworks do support moving to another XY location right at export. But let’s not mind this right now and stick to the main question :slight_smile:


In AutoCAD export as DWG without moving the objects near 0,0,0.
In 3ds Max use a script to import the dwg file. When the file is imported the script will save the position of the objects, then it will move the objects near 0,0,0. When you are ready to export as dwg, use the script to put the objects back to their original locations and export as dwg.


I tried inside Max, manually (not with a script) moving from 0,0 to the original location and can confirm no alteration or modification occurred to the DWG I exported. My fear was that the lines would start moving around or so.

However, the other way around, if I already have a DWG and import it into Max, the lines get all jagged and in wrong positions (like randomized).
I wonder if Maxscript treats the objects better during an import because the things happen in the background and not live in the viewport…