Do you need a degree to work in the vfx industry?


In the last about half a year I became very interested in vfx and made myself “familiar” with Houdini and Maya and especially the modeling and fx part. So because I’m still in school I got interested in the pursuit of a career in the vfx industry. So I wondered if you need a degree to work in vfx or If there are more important qualifications.
I’m asking this because were I live there are no universities that teach this and I’d have to study in NA or UK and these schools have tutition fees wich I don’t have in my country and I’m not sure wether I can finance around 40k for a bachelor’s degree (Btw. could you tell me some good vfx universities in europe or other countries).



no you don’t need a degree. There are schools for vfx but I think they are too expensive for what they teach. Nowadays there is plenty of online tutorials free or paid that can give you a good foundation to start your career. You can do some of those free ones but I personally find them too scattered and it would be difficult to follow in a progressive matter. If I might give a suggestion for one that used to be good (not sure now, haven’t done any in many years, maybe there are better ones these days), which would be FXPHD. But there are plenty of others such as gnomon online courses, Lynda, pluralsight, cgspectrum etc. Maybe do some research on what is hot today on online courses with other folks.

I would also suggest you try to narrow down which area you think you find more interesting, such as modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, rigging, layout, compositing, etc.

I hope this helps. Cheers!


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degree is not needed to work at vfx industry, people will prefer you can know your stuff and know how to solve the problem when it is there. onlytime you probably need degree is if are going to work in country where the company is not based in the same country, the degree will be some sort of approval for your visa, apart from that, don’t need one.

hope that help