Do you know some Redshift node for transform texture scale?


I would like to scale up all texture i am using in Redshift, do you know some “transform” node i can apply to each other at once?

The Redshift still seems to work in different way than Cinema does


You just need to look in the Math nodes in the Shader Graph panel. You have many Math nodes in there, but the 2 most commonly used ones would probably be Constant (single) and Vector Abs (three) nodes. These nodes give you values to hook into any field of a single or multiple RS Node/s that you want to control from a single point, like scale etc.

You can, if you want to, also right-click in the Shader graph and choose New Node>Xpresso and you’ll have access to a lot of “normal” type Xpresso nodes to do maths as well if you prefer.

This tutorial I found shows this method in use:


Hi there!
Thank you, the Constant node did that trick for me nicely!

Do you know some node for edit levels of some texture please as well? I was looking for it but without success


It’s the colour correct node, I think:


I will give it a try, thank you all for response!
Yes it is doing what i want, i realised that i used this node in past but i couldn’t figure out how to do simple thing “color invert” best for invert mattes and so on… Do you have some suggestion please?


You can do this a few ways, one of which is the “color invert” node.

Another option with more control would be to use a ramp node.