Do some of you have experience with a CG Workshop course ?


Hello everyone ! I will have 2 months off between two production in a few weeks and I’ve decided to use this time to learn new skill. I’m a compositor but I would love to have a chance to get into an FX Artist position one day, working with Houdini. I’ve been trying to learn the software on my own after work but it has been a bit rough considering I have no experience in a 3D software whatsoever… I saw a course starting in February on CG Workshop called “Introduction to FX using Houdini” which seems good and at the perfect timing for my schedule!

Do you guys have any experience with a CG Workshop course? Would you recommend it? Do you think I’d be better of trying to learn Houdini by my own during this downtime? It’s definitely a small investment and I’ve seen some mixed reviews online…

I’m also considering learning a bit more of Python during my break considering it’s more than useful for both my current job (compositing) and my targeted one (FX).

Have a great day!


Hard to say. It really depends on you.
Your comp skills will be pretty useful for you FX pre-comp approvals.
Houdini is pretty technical. But if it is also your first experience with a 3d software that also could be a big leap from 2d (comp).

So you should probably start with some sort of ‘Basics of 3D in Houdini’ as well.

Also if you are getting assets from other DCC -say maya- you may also need to gets some basics over there as well.
FX artists often need to customize emitter geometry -aka basic modeling, constraints ,etc ) based on existing animation shot data and export it to Houdini for your FX shot to even get started. Nobody can really guess what an FX artist will need and why. So count on doing it yourself as needed.

See how you like doing the intro and go further if you like the experience.