Do I Really Need To Say This?


It really shouldn’t be necessary for me to have to give a state of the union address but maybe there needs to be one. I’m totally all for letting people voice their opinion as long there are not personal attacks towards other people, but the zealousness of pursuit of said opinions is bordering on ridiculous. Lightwave is what it is and you will either use it or not, but there is no need to aggresively pursue your opinon in other peoples threads, belittle others or debate about X program vs. Y program. Every single app has advantages and disadvantages, and as artists you owe it yourselves to examine and try each package and find something that fits you. Lightwave is not the only program out there that rocks, nor is it a beast of burden. Don’t like X program? Then don’t use it but I’m tired of the vocal minority putting a bad face on the Lightwave community.

I’m not giving as much leeway on threads as I did before, and I will shut them down if it even looks like it might become a shouting match.

The only threads you need to post here are:

1.Wips and Final Lightwave work

2.Queries for help

3.Tutorials and file links.

4.Lightwave related news.


  1. Posts about other applications and how X feature is so much better

  2. Posts about how great Lightwave is compared to X application

3.Posts about Luxology vs. Newtek

  1. Posts that have nothing at all to do with Lightwave
 Stick to the program and being an artist. All I’m asking is to focus on helping others and being a positive force in the community.