DMP Tome of Knowledge


Sure thing!

I was planning on creating a shared repository for reference images. This repository is strictly images taken by the artist themselves and no images from the internet.

However I really don’t have a hosting site to support those files… so I am looking for hosting alternatives…

Also one small note ackdoh, my website is :slight_smile: just a small typo there and thanks for adding me :slight_smile: I will also post my updated reel soon… :beer:


Few useful free tutorials here -->

Under E-learning and then on “Free Tutorials” section you’ll find a bunch of nice Maya tutorials but two of them particularly interesting: “Bring a photo to life with camera mapping in Maya” and “Using paint effects to ‘bed’ geometry into backplates”.

Registration is required to enter on E-learning but it’s free and only few seconds of time so…

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Oops, sorry about that Eric :stuck_out_tongue: Fixed! And you can just call me David on here :slight_smile:


Thx Klaudio, added!


Hey Ken,
As I see Game of Thrones and Borgias both received Emmy nominations for VFX.
Congratulations. Those are some good projects to have worked on, I’m sure.

Best Wishes,


With Ender’s Game shots :drool: ?


Awesome, congrats!! :slight_smile:


HAHAHA maybe?



Do you have a link or do you have to wait until Nov 1st?


You have to wait sorry hahaha! but here is a teaser :!enders/c1775

An image of future earth :slight_smile:


For those on Facebook, you should definitely check out and join the Traditional Matte Painting Club group started by Alan Friswell. A huge collection of posts with old glass matte paintings before the digital era that look as great as ever. There are notable legendary artists that respond and actively view that forum too, such as Harrison Ellenshaw, Rocco Gioffre, Rick Rische, Alp Altiner, and more!! So what are you waiting for, join up, and post your favorite old matte paintings. Spread the word!


Ouuu !! This is a big gold mine ! Thanks David :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hehe no problem Ashish, feel free to post more resources here to contribute everyone!


Vyonyx has an assortment of cutout trees and people… I think they may be the curators of Gobotree too.



… a few more (sorry if these are duplicates, I haven’t compared all of these to the Tomb of Knowledge). -Joel

Good Color resources:

More people and entourage:


These are great Joel, thanks! I will add them to the collective.


Sorry for spamming but Michael Pangrazio received a nomination: here :thumbsup: and as Matte Painters we should all support him, I think :blush:


That’s awesome, great find Seema! I just voted for him :slight_smile: The best out of those (imho) :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty cool collection of Brushes here!


Holly ___! Where do you even begin with a find like that?! Thanks for sharing, David.