DMP Self-Challenge 002 - August 2016


Let the second DMP Self-Challenge begin!
And our theme for August is:

“Underwater civilization”

Interpretation of this theme is up to you as it is in “open” formula. It can be sci-fi, fantasy, ancient, secret military, under construction… wherever your imagination will take you. Some interesting inspirations (thanks to Michael and Aaron) you can find in our master thread from July:

Basic foundations:

  1. People.
    Everyone is welcome! To join us simply create a new thread in this forum with the date of challenge and name such as: “August 2016 - Jules Verne” and post there your WIPs (work in progress) and final images.

  2. Time.
    Till end of August.

  3. Prizes.

  • Skills.
  • Image for portfolio.
  • Fun in good companionship :).
  1. Future.
    During the Challenge you can post proposals of themes for September in this thread. At the end of the month (last three days) we will choose theme for next Self-Challenge during voting process.

Have fun and good luck! :slight_smile:



This is a great idea! Bit sad I missed this one, I had always just assumed from the stickies this forum was dead, I’m surprised to see a few motivated people down here. Anyway I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any new developments, I’m definitely keen to enter the next self-challenge when/if it happens.

One question, will it be OK if I entered a short video clip as well as a still? I’m pretty keen to add some stuff into my showreel and improve my roto/projection skills.