Distribute Evenly?


Here’s an easy one! I’m using Max9 and I have four posts (rectangles) that are spaced differently between each other and I want them to be spaced evenly.

I don’t want to make new geometry with the Spacing Tool and I can’t use the Align Tool because it wants me to select one object to align to, not the four.

Adobe Illustrator has this function of Distributing Evenly when you have multiple objects selected–I need to do that in Max. (?)

p.s.: I used the search function but every ‘align’ thread was based on aligning to a path or vertex… blah blah blah.


If they’re all the same, then you can just Shift+Drag the first one and then put in “3” for the number of copies. This would make them al lthe same distance apart.

If they aren’t the same, you could align it to the first one and then right click on the move tool and set a value. Then align the 2nd to the moved one and do the same value again.

I don’t know of an automated way of doing it with premade geometry. I would just use either of the methods above or just do it by eye personally.


The obvious workaround is to create Helpers using the Spacing tool and use Align to align your objects to the helpers. The other way would be a simple script like

macroScript DistributeEvenly category:"Bobo_s Tools"
 	local theSel = Selection as array
 	if theSel.count > 0 do
 		local theMin = pickObject()
 		if isValidNode theMin do
 			local theMax = pickObject()
 			if isValidNode theMax do
 				theDelta = (theMax.pos - theMin.pos)/(theSel.count+1)
 				for i = 1 to theSel.count do theSel[i].pos = theMin.pos + theDelta*i

*Copy, evaluate, customize a toolbar or menu, drag “DistributeEvently” from “Bobo_s Tools” category.
*Select the objects to be distributed (MINUS the first and last)
*Launch the script by pressing the button or selecting the menu item
*Pick the first object (the unselected one)
*Pick the last object (the other unselected one)
RESULT: All selected objects will be spaced evenly on the line between the two picks.

Of course, you can pick any other objects as limits to space stuff between them.


Thanks, it seems that script will do nicely! Kinda bizzare that there’s no tool though. Oh well.


Well, now there is :slight_smile:

I have been using Max for 12 years and have never needed even distribution between two points. I suspect there are many such scripts floating around or sitting on drives of people who needed the function once or twice, but it seems to be something nobody has asked for before…


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