Distort .vdb files?


I’m experimenting with .vdb cloud/smoke files, both in C4D and using Redshift.
Is there a way to use deformers to distort the .vdb objects? Aren’t they just point clouds?


They aren’t point clouds; they are volumetric voxel grids. You can distort them in a couple of ways:

  • Some Third party render engines like Arnold let you displace volumes with other shaders.

  • in Cinema, you can add your imported .vdb to to a volume builder. Set the volume type to fog. You can use the volume builder to resample the volume (which can be handy) and to smooth it or manipulate it by Boolean intersecting it with fields, etc.


Thanks, will give that a try!


Advecting the values is unfortunately not possible. But mixing with noises can get you a bit into the direction of that look. Make sure to set the voxel size of the volume builder to the scale of the volume object that you get after import. That way the volume builder does not need to resample. The easiest way to do this is to drag the volume object into the “override matrix” slot or whatever it was called in the end :D. That will use the transformation of that volume as the reference for further operations and it will perform the best.