Dissolve/Delete Edge without affecting the Points?



Is there a way I can delete an edge without actually deleting the corresponding points?

You can see what is happening here:

Is there a way around this?

P.S. I cannot merge the points as it will affect the UVs.


I guess “melt” is what you are looking for. It should dissolve the selected edge without deleting any of the points and preserve the UVs.


Melt did the trick! Thanks for that. Never knew such useful command existed.


“Melt” may create ngons though which leave isolated points on a line. That does have the desired effect as the points are needed for the UVs, and it looks right in the editor at first glance, but it’s unclean topology that may give trouble later, e.g. when using a deformer.


Melt then deleting the affected points can sometimes preserve the UVs… I often first select the edges to delete, command click on points mode to convert the edge selection to points, go back to edge mode and melt edges, then back to point mode to delete previous point selection.

Working in uv edit workspace always for visual confirmation that the UVs remained “intact” or are remapped when points /edges are deleted.


You are right. I execute the Melt command and delete the stray points. It still saves time rather than redoing the UVs.

Thanks again!