Dissertation ideas about cinema


Hi Everyone,

Soon I am gonna make a choice what i am gonna do about my dissertation. But unfortuneantly i have no idea what to do. I would love work about cinema, maybe something about digital cinema and the digital age.

Thanks in advance.


So… the question is?


Perhaps your dissertation could be about how the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed how modern civiliation has clung to many inefficient practices out of cultural custom,nostalgia and deeply entrenched habits.

One of the Major film studios ,Warner Bothers, has been forced to tacitly Acknowledge that the Hollywood film Distribution model(appointment screenings in movie houses) ,is a vestigial relic of a bygone era ,largely subsdized by ridiculously inflated concession stand prices,slave wages for the theater employees
and corporate accounting trickery to shield profits from the inland. revenue(or IRS in America.)

Perhaps explore the folly of having “meterologists”
undertake two hour,pre sunrise ,commutes to a TV studio to read the same weather report they can easily broadcast from their homes as we saw during the first “lock down” when we all have phone apps that convey the exact same information without any of the often insufferable on air banality in morning “news” broadcasts.

I expect people will bang on about technology displacing workers
from thier jobs etc however those same people blithely enjoy the benefits of the modern technology of the internet& smartphones that quietly yet rightfully rendered many career fields obsolete.


My name is Ankit Abhash. I was born in India. I attended one of the most prestigious Animation schools, spending 12 months in India and 6 months in London.Although I aspire only to do animation, I found myself enjoying the Culinary and Hotel Industry. I decided to attend the César Ritz college in Switzerland… I then went on to accept a job after my hotel management school was over. The job was in Nashville, Tennessee, at a resort called Gaylord Opryland, which resulted in my moving to America. Since then, I have worked in countless hotels and restaurants… Following a brief setback, I discovered that I had developed a slipped disc in my lower back over time, making it very difficult for me to continue with the hotel industry. I have since rediscovered my first passion, which is animation.


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As per my opinion the digital cinema is the best by the way the topic is very intersting


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