Display color to export color (fbx/dae/abc)


Quick question.

I performed a quick current state to object (on a Mograph rig) and ran dynamics on each individual sphere; for a test. It was largely successful, but I would like to also preserve color.

In the editor they have retained the color predefined by fields.
Upon export to any of the major formats: fbx, dae, abc, even gLTF. The color is lost.

Wondering if there’s any way to retrain it?

I tried linking an xpresso display color to a material color, which works great.
However, it’s not a simple solution when the final involves replicating that rig for 500+ objects.

Quick proof of concept attached, not final.

Would love some additional suggestions, as my mind is numb from working 13 days straight.

Drone Show - How to bake mograph shader effector color into cloner objects material?

Have you tried copying the display colour into the object’s vertex colour tag?

In the Alembic exporter there is a checkbox, Display colour to Vertex Colour. Try that.*

*Can confirm this works C4D R20 -> Blender. Blender reads the Cd Vertex Colour Attribute which you can pipe into the colour slot of your shader.


I had no idea you’d replied. Appreciate that. Going to try it now.
*Edit Success… And have been searching for a roundabout way for days now.

The only small workflow addition, is re-importing, exporting as fbx (gLTF exporter is too slow)
and converting the FBX to gLTF online.

Can’t find an Alembic to glTF converter, unless you can make sense of this:


As awesome of a solution as this is. Most converters, editors, see and display the vertex color, but it doesn’t sadly directly translate to an Albedo color in Adobe’s Aero headache, I mean beta.

Same with sketchfab, it see Albedo only - No vertex color for me.
Hoping for a way to convert vertex to albedo/diffuse, if anyone knows of a quick fix here. Please and thanks.


Hi there,

I am diving into a drone show project and have a cloner with a color shader effector that affects the color of the drones. For it to work on the drone show software I need the material for each object in the cloner to have baked information on the color. Is there a way to bake this? Can you explain or reference how to copy the display color into the vertex colour tag? Thanks!


Have you ever figured that out?