Displacement Map from Worldmachine



I do not have any big Knowlege in Mudbox so i have a simple Question.

I have a HighRes Terrain OBJ File from Worldmachine. I modified it in Mudbox and now i want to export it back as Map.
So i only have one file with no subdivision Levels. How do i export that Geometrie as Displacement Map file? Is there something like ZBrush’s “Grab Screen”?

I tried to cast the terrain to a plane via extract TexMap but i dont get a dmap. He is rendering but only a grey map. Are my cast setting wrong?


Any Tipps?



select your geometry(s)

File, export selection…(personally i use fbx)

import into whatever software you choose



I want to export a 16bit Displacement Map.
I don’t need a mesh file

I want to do this here but its not working as intended:


the point is it will flatten all of the paint layers on export. you’ll get a diffuse flat, specular flat, displacement flat etc…in a folder where ever you export it to.

whether it’s 16 bit or 8 bit will depend on what you created it as in Mudbox


hmm ok, i will try that…

thxs :slight_smile:


you can also right click on the paint layer, Export Selected

it looks like this gives you options as to format and bit depth