Displacement map bug, mesh is inflated at render



I am new to displacement map and today I wanted to try it out, so i created a model in zbrush, did the uv and all the stuff to get a good displacement map, now inside maya I import my low poly model and add a AiStandarSurface shader to the model then plug a file to the disp mat, switch to catclark and enable autobump.

And now when I render my mesh, it look fat, so i tweaked a few thing and found out that when I tweak the scale on the displacementShader it reduce the fatness of the model, but also make the detail drop at the same time, so i ended up with nothing in result…

Here is 2 pictures with the scale at 1 and scale at 0.

Hope we can find a solution for this, it may be completly stupid but I’ve been stuck on this for a few hours now and can’t figure it out even with lots of google searchs…

Thanks you !


What does it look like rendered at a scale of 0.5, instead? A scale of 0 would mean that your map is not displacing at all, and should look simply like a subdivided (smooth) version of the original, existing geometry you’re applying it to.

What does your displacement map itself look like? Is it a Normal map, or a displacement map?


Make sure you are connecting the red channel of the filenode and not the alpha channel. And set the filenode to RAW not SRGB.


here it is with a scale of .5 and it’s still inflated…


i did what you say, and it still inflated, i joined a screen of my hypershade if you wanna check, thanks for the help man.


could you upload the maya file and the texture.?



found my issue,

it was from zbrush since the beginning, the thing was :

my midpoint ont the multimap export tool was set to 0.5 and arnold need it to be set at 0 to understand the value from black to white correctly, since i dint find the way to adjust my midpoint in the hypershade of maya i directly exported a new map from zbrush with the midpoint at 0 and it worked perfectly well.

thanks for everyone who helped, hope this can help other ppls.