Disable node/plugin to render on a farm?


Hey there, is it possible to disable a plugin as an override, to render on a render farm. ?

The plugin in question creates a deformer node, so tried to set it to ‘has no effect’ but it just won’t
render on the farm with errors. It would be nice to create switch on, off if rendering locally or online…
Any thoughts…



Or you could just make it so the farm has access to the plugin as well. I would think that would be less complicated than trying to create a switch, which ultimately doens’t unload the plugin in question.

You need to unload the plugin the normal route for the scenes in question and re-save them for the farm.


Hey Thanks, it wasn’t worth the effort, either way so, removed instance of plugin in scene and saved a different version for the renderfarm. They are happy to install, but in this case wasn’t worth the time. Thanks!