DINODOG-JR #Drawcember Sketchbook


Day 21 - In Memory of Princess Leia.
‘The Last jedi’ is making us Missing her who she was even more.

Mother of Zar - I watched ‘Memories of a Geisha’ many years ago. I had forgotten everything about it too. I will tried to watch if i got the mood swift in…haha. I like Yuzen art on their kimonos too~…There are expensive also. Thanks for liking it…
The photo of a Geisha wearing VIctoria clothes she is. No worries. It’s pretty unique if the Japanese traditional hair-style bring into steampunk world.
POSEidOON : haha… Thanks for the nice word. I love that Manga too~. I do hope to see some female stormtrooper in Star Wars someday.


Day 22 - Let you see only.

Wish everyone have a sweet Winter Solstice day.


Love the last one. It looks like he’s not willing to share but doing it anyway haha.

Congrats on making it to the end!


Greats Works man! Loved the last pieces and been a pleasure to be in this challenge with you :slight_smile:
Hope to see more of your work in 2018.
Merry Chrismtas and a Happy New Year!!!


Hey man congratz on finishing!
Quite a build of a solid portfolio!
Merry Christmas!


Congratulations, you did it!
Happy Holidays!:keenly:



Haha… i didn’t know Day 22 is the last day of the challenge.
Great to have you guys informed me.
Congrats to everyone of us had made it to the last day!

Also taking this opportunity to apologize if i didn’t pay visit to each of yours thread everyday.
Mainly I rushed out my artwork in late night hours and headed to bed straight with tired & laziness eyes.

Appreciated everyone here willing to stay, support, comments, and create daily art with me here.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday~!
TERIMA KASIH~( Malay Language)


Very beautiful sketchbook! Congrats on completing the challenge! I was just rewatching the very first three old Star Wars movies, felt very nostalgic and I was glad to see your Princess Leia portrait! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Thanks nataliel~

Yeah me too want to revisit the classic Star Wars Trilogy once again~
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.~