DINODOG-JR #Drawcember Sketchbook


full of emotions and atmosphere. cant stop looking at the womans face.


Day 13 - Red

Mother-of-Zar - It’s from Muse’s Music video called Madness. It’s a cool emotional video matched well to the song as well. Thanks man~


Great work.


Day 14 -

Kill someone.

MackSztaba : Thanks man~!


I love your day 14. These are all really great. I like your composition and color choices.


Day - 15 - Burn baby Burn.

SmallPoly - Thanks man~. Btw, the Constantine was a studies

copied from a photo.


Day 16 - I want you to know me.


Day 17 - The Last Jedi.


very nice works!


I like the last one :slight_smile: looks like you were relaxed while you were drawing it. I this graphit pencil? looks really awesome


Great pieces man! :slight_smile:


Cool stuff :slight_smile:


Day 18 - Stormtrooper.
I left my tablet at home away for a trip. Going to punish myself with paper drawing until i get back home in two days later.

grafik : Thanks man~
Mother-of-Zar : I tried different brush pattern to imitate pencil strokes. I didn’t get the absolute feels yet. It’s an energy consuming process to do penciling wrist gestures on tablet… Haha… Thanks for liking~
POSEidOON - Just couldn’t resist for Starwars fan art. It’s a global celebration sensation in every New Star Wars movie release.
Sutansan : Thanks very much~


Day 19 - The shape of Water.


your last work reminds me a bit of the concepts of luis royo in his MilleniumIII artbook. liked them very much :slight_smile:


The shape of water! I love it. I’m hoping to see the movie this Friday. I pre-ordered the book back in October and I might be getting that this Thursday haha. I’m so excited for that movie. You’ve captured the essence / looks of the popular actors / characters too, good job!


Day 20 - Victoria Japanese

Mother-of-Zar - Thanks for introduced me a great artist~. Googled some artworks. SPlendid styles.~
Justcallmeinsane : I am anticipating this mysterious movie too. Enjoy the book and the movie as well~. Thanks for the compliments.


wow! did you watched the movie “memories of a geisha”? totally recommandable! I was also fascinated this summer of the painting technik “yuzen”. It´s for their kimonos. very intersting. I like your piece


Day 18 i know its a stormtrooper but sure reminds me Alita battle angel manga, i guess because of the hair style, and now Hollywood is making the movie but i believe this sketch you made would work better then what they’re using for the movie!


oh, thought it´s a geisha because of the hairstyle :open_mouth: