DINODOG-JR #Drawcember Sketchbook


impressive paintings :smiley: really! like the 3rd day the best so far. her shiney hair and her tea. absolutly amazing. do you paint with reference?


Day 7 - Survivor.

POSEidOON : Thanks man… The old days Retro were healthier to our brain. Now the modern kids have to watch those fast motion complicated design. Hope that won’t hurt their brain too much.
STFVIT : We can volunteer to be her backing supports. Thanks!
Mother-of-Zar : Yes all from Pinterest. I will do photo study in this challenge. After that, it could be more ‘easier’ to know which areas of my weakness are. Then i could study into them more in focus. Anyway good thing in photo study is to exercise our brain muscles as an artist.


Man, last ones are CRAZY good!


nice works man!


Really seems an old war photo! :bowdown:


A very effective design!
You suffer with him.


Day 8 - A Lady of a Certain Age.

Doomov - Thanks… War is Crazy.
grafik - Thanks man~
POSEIdoon - Yes it was a vintage war photo. It hits me hard when i saw this… a crying soldier.
STFVIT - I only did the copy. Salute to those brave photographers in the war zone~. Thanks ~


I am so amazed by your skills everytime I see a new painting :open_mouth: wow! may I ask how long you painted your Lady painting?


All your works are cool, but Day 6 is just AMAZING! :smiley:


Day 9 - Borders.

Mother-of-Zar : The lady painting took around 4 hours. It’s on & off. Normally the last one hour fixed alot of mistakes after couple hours of ‘eye-rest’. Thanks man~

hokutonakatany : Thanks man~… I like that helmet so much.


How beautiful!


Amazing work like usual! :wink:


I really admire your skills <3 great work, keep on


Day 10 - Prayer

STFVIT - Thanks Thanks~.

POSEidOON - Thanks a bunch~ You have great sense of humour. Lucky kid to have a dad like your intelligent~.
Mother-of-Zar - Let’t keep on together~ Thanks man~


These are amazing!
I love how the little girl in the second picture drew everywhere but on the paper, haha :D.


Thank you very much dinodog-jr :slight_smile:
In this last piece you got very well the innocence and cuteness of the little angel!


love the statue-esque feel your last image has!


Day 11 - Lollipop BLue.
Practice from The Rolling Stones - Ride 'Em On Down music video.

LadyMedusa - That’s one adorable photo of a potential fun artist will born someday. Thanks~
POSEidOON - Thanks man… Every small children is angel in a family. Especially the naughty one.
justcallmeinsane - Haha… it’s funny to call someone insane without knowing in person first. Thanks insane~.


Your practices are alot better then my final pieces! Lol. Keep them coming dinodog-jr :wink:


Day 12 - Madness.

POSEidOON - You will getting there too. Just spent more times into the piece. Thanks man~