DINODOG-JR #Drawcember Sketchbook


Let’s paint.


Day 1 - How to Dream of Elephant.


Very cool dinodog-jr!
Great values.


Thanks POSEidOON.~


Day 2 - i am good in doodling. [b]



Love your painting style man!
I guess you are a father… all that doodling, ehehe


haha… i am not a father of anyone.
Just recently i am quite obsessed with kids with weird yet adorable act photography.
Thanks man~


hey man nice entries! look forward to see more


Ahaha! Sorry for calling you a father then :hmm:
I have a kid of 1 year old and he draws everywhere, so i’m familiar with the doodling… everywhere


The last one is really cute) Good colors!


Day 3 : Running business is not your gift, why don’t you close it.

grafik : THanks for dropping by~. Will do my best as you are.
POSEidOON : No worries. How lovely to have a kid who also loves to draw but hopefully not everywhere~ I pray for your face being safe from ‘scribbles’.
Doomov : Thanks man~


Very realistic! The detail on the hands and cup of tea…


Day 3 - It’s Ok.

POSEIdOON : That’s what i aimed for in the photo… Thanks man~


Excellent technique and fantastic expressions.


Well, you nail it!
Another very cool piece. Just wondering about the leg in the air, bending…


Day 5 - Cold as Ice

POSEidOON : Thanks man… Haha… She bending the leg in the photo… I didn’t blending it very well…haha
STFVIT : Thanks alot!


This feels very nostalgic american feeling :wink: well done!


Day 6 - I want my planet back!

POSEidOON - Thanks many~ Coke is a Legend~


I liked your change of topic!
Retro-futurism is always a sweet theme :slight_smile:


Yeah! And she will have it. Very good!