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Hi Samuel

I’ve come across your tutorials now and then when stumped on a particular workflow and they’ve always been very helpful.



Quite a lot of usefull stuff! Gonna work on some Unity stuff so your tutorials will be very helpfull no doubt. Many thanks for sharing!



no problem, thank you :smiley:


What ooo said. Thanks for all the info.


I can definitely commend these tutorials. Great stuff. Sam is such a super contributor to the community! He makes it easy and enjoyable to learn.


Wow, thanks a lot :applause:




I’d love to here your thoughts on raising funds for software for future tutorials and for frequent videos, comment below :smiley:



Sam, I watched a little bit of the video…pretty busy tonight.

I’ll be presumptuous and assume I got the gist of your question right at the top.

We will all have different opinions so I can only speak for myself. I sense that the newer generation is more keen on kickstarter and patreon so I’m acutely aware that my old school opinion might end up being the minority.

There is abundance of training for c4d and much of it is free. Despite this I repeatedly purchase training that is inviting, exciting and seems like it might boost my value in the marketplace or accelerate my skill acquisition. It seems there are others here like me that are willing to spend on c4d training.

If you were to offer a specific training series and it looked really good…and it was in an area of interest…I might buy. Trailers and teasers very often make all the difference. Does the trailer feature samples in the trailer that really rev my engine?

I’m also a sucker for something that seems new, dramatic and has at least a little entertainment value.

As I’ve said before I like your training and you seem to really know your stuff. I wish you success!


Thanks for the input, as I said in the video, I don’t want to put up a pay wall because I think that will drive users away, so I think a donate button and Patreon maybe the way to go, I’ve had quite a few people saying they would happily donate.


People would most likely donate only once and you’d see a rapid drop off in contributions. I’ve watched your videos and they’re way too good for you not to be earning from them.

Have you considered Gumroad? I’ve bought an absolute TON of content from there and have been very happy with the quality and pricing. A lot of artists provide their source files (PSD, C4D, ZTL etc) and also video tutorials, assets (textures, mats) and anything else they can throw in.

Put up a free tutorial so people can get an idea of what you do, make the rest of them $10+ (people can pay what theywant over the base amount that you set)

Great thing about Gumroad is the more you buy, the better your recommendations become. I’ve actually found building my library is addictive because of all the cool recommendations I get.


Some Visuals I did for the Vice Bar



The results of asking my users about fund raising





Cinema 4d Quick Tip 11 is up! :smiley: