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Thank you for your tutorials! :slight_smile:


Thank you!



At the beginning of this tut you say the object packer prevents intersections and overlapping of the cloned objects, but it doesn’t look like it does, you have overlapping objects throughout. Is there a way to totally prevent intersection and overlap of objects?


I think that’s because I altered the scale of the object.


I was imagining using this for condensation droplets instead of a cloner. I’d want maybe 5 or so droplets with variation in size of each over the surface, but they cannot overlap. Normally as you say I’d use a push apart effector. Was hoping this might be better, but if can’t prevent overlaps then it’s no better than the usual method.


Looks like I’m back doing some 3d. I’ve got a few projects where I plan to use c4d (r20). There was a problem in the past in using the Houdini bridge when there was a mismatch of versions. Is this Rhymage dependent on particular versions of c4d/houdini?


You need to use the link within your version of C4D, check this video out