Digital Equinox portfolio redesign


being new around here I saw the critiques forum and decided that it might be a good place to post for feedback on my new site. Nothing overboard or complicated but I’d love to hear what you think.



Clear, easy to navigate, looks clean and well designed.

Loaded fast (very good on my increadably slow 26k connection).

Two things,
in the website panel there seems to be an blank graphic?
Do you have some larger images for your illustrations as they look a bit small, Hard to read the ‘in image’ text.

Mind you i can’t talk, my sites bad :frowning:

You’ve got a Very nice little site.


These are just my opinions:
[li]The text isn’t very clear. You could try using pixel fonts, or make the fonts a bit bigger.[/li][li]You should utilise your space a bit more.[/li][li]You could also center the contents vertically as well, currently it’s only horizontally centered.[/li][/ul]However, overall I think it looks pretty good :thumbsup:


Thanks for replying!

Loki: yes there is a blank panel in there on the web section of the portfolio. I do have some larger images of the illustrations however I’m trying to keep the site viewable in 800x600 so I’m a little torn about having the images bigger and still fitting them in as a popup.

Chen: Are you using the HQ settings for the flash player and what res are you viewing in? One cause of the poor text quality is most likely my using Flash MX. It currenty AA’s the text which at smaller sizes hurts readability. IIRC I’l have to wait until I get MX2004 or the next version to be able to be able to turn off AA on the text.

Utilize space more? Please clarify. Space around the flash object or in the design itself?

Centered vertically, I’ll have to think about that one.



Yes “High Quality” setting, was on by default. SR was 1024*768.

Utilizes space more in terms of the overall design.

Note, these are just suggestions.


Chen: I understand they are only suggestions. I;m trying to see your point of view and what you are refering to. “Utilize space more” was a little too nebulous for me to focus on where you were refering or what might be done to solve the issue.

Thanks for the res info and settings, it’ll help troubleshoot. :slight_smile:


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