Diffracted #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


I like the simplicity in your works. They attract the eye yet still convey story, character and mood :slight_smile: Nice job!


These are such fun takes on the prompts. I especially like the cat (present) and dog (season) … so funny and using such simple lines to tell so much.


Thanks! Simple is definitely something I try to remember, although I need to keep an eye on my value structure on the macro scale- I’ve not been handling that deftly enough, today’s included.

Speaking of today’s, the prompt for day 20 is “Vacation!” In this case, stuck before reaching the destination…



Oh nooo… Sucks to be stuck like that. I love how the girl’s hair “melt” down on the floor. It really helps to show the frustration of the characters.


A truly realistic scene rendered with a few strokes.
Very good.:slight_smile:


You captured that all too relate-able moment well. Nice job :slight_smile:


It’s cool that you’ve been using so many different styles but they all still feel like you. Great work.


Thanks, all! I’ve learned a lot over the past 3 weeks working in these different ways. Crazy that we’re already almost to the end of the challenge!
Here is Day 21- “Ornaments!” In this case, it is not a tree that has been ornamented.

Viewing this on my phone also makes it clear that i need to calibrate my surface pro monitor color… wow, that green is acidic on the phone!


that’s an interesting take on the subject - i like it :slight_smile: Nice job. Can’t wait to see the last image!


Day 22’s prompt is “Holiday!”

Have a great weekend, everyone!

I am likely going to continue these through the end of the month, even if the contest ends here. Great job and congrats to all of you who powered through!


Good job Lucas!
Merry Christmas!:applause:


_well done Happy Christmas``~…


Thanks all! And merry Christmas /happy holidays and congrats to you too, you guys did it!

The challenge is officially over, but I’ll keep the drawings rolling!
Today’s prompt is: “Wreath!”
h this case, wreathed in flame!



Congrats on completing the challenge! What a wonderful experience. You’ve got a great sketchbook! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!