Diffracted #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Day 10: Garland


Day 11: Merry!
This month feels like it’s been flying by. practically halfway there already!



Merry! is really nice.:slight_smile:


Thanks! Discovered an interesting way to work with that one, twas fun to make.


Day 12 of the challenge: Christmas!
Taking a some what traditional concept approach to this one.


Nice improvement! There is a real difference between your first post and recent ones. Keep it up!


Nice to see you keep going. Keep it up!


Whoa, I think you drew Satans sleigh instead of Santas :open_mouth:
Nice work though, you’re improving steadily here :slight_smile:


Slackin’ it tonight. Skipped ahead a few prompts to cookies.



Thanks for the feedback so far, glad to see some of you enjoy it.

Day 14: Chimney


The cookie is really cute … sometimes it’s nice to do something quick and simple.
The chimney picture is really good but I’m having trouble figuring out the figure, it looks like it has 4 arms?


That it does! I suppose I should have played it up a bit.


Beautiful these images with few colors.


Day 15: North Pole


Day 16: Presents

The unwanted kind of present…

Some inspiration from Sutansan’s cat thread :slight_smile:


It’s true cats do just that.
You represented him very well.:slight_smile:


Some great funny works! I think I like your black and white pieces most - but I really can’t decide. Keep going, maybe I’ll decide on the 23rd :wink:


Day 17: Lights

Quick n’ dirty tonight.


A little more awake for this one… (fell asleep while making yesterday’s…)

Reindeer is the prompt for day 18!


Note to self- evening naps don’t exist.

As such, this one’s a few hours behind schedule, but such is life sometimes. Day 19 is Season! In this case… seasoning the grass with a little something special…