Diffracted #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Hi, all, new to the forums (and it’s been quite a while since I’ve contributed to one thanks to social media)!

I was doing the whole drawing-a-day for about six months with ink on paper via Instagram before getting sidetracked just as Inktober started this year. Time to get back on the ball!
I expect to be using my original Surface Pro 1 for these, in Krita. Really, my goal is to get more comfortable with working digitally.

So with that, here is Day 1’s doodle: Winter!


Thought this was still stuck in forum moderation limbo, so this forum post is up a little late (Instagram was on time!). Here is day 2’s post from last night:


Day 3 yields this fella. . .


I love the second one, really nice linework :slight_smile:


I really like the second one too. The use of black and white is so effective. And the concept of the scarf wearing camel is so cute.


I love your line quality! Makes everything stand out :slight_smile:


well done``~…


Thanks, all!

Here is Day 4’s, “mittens.” Still ping-ponging around with this to find an approach I like… I expct I’ll start getting more consistent as the month goes on.


Really digging the latest approach. Can’t wait to see your progression.


Went with no lines tonight, quick and dirty.
Sledding! And crashing.


Seems like you’re having fun! Keep it up:)


The sledding one made me laugh. I may or may not have done something similar as a child haha!


My sister had that experience as well :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, everyone landed on top of her, but she’s ok these days.
Today’s image is skating!


Hey diffracted, When I like how you make a difference of complex and simple to make your drawings read able. Drawings 1,2 and 4 clearly have this, but the others seems to lose it a little, so I’m not entirely sure if its a conscious decision. If it is: GREAT! Keep it up. If not, make sure to pay attention to it because it really makes your drawings stand out. My favourite so far is mittens. :slight_smile: keep it up!


Good point, I’d say the others lose it a lot in that regard! The value structure isn’t really there for 3 and 6 in particular, and Santa’s anatomy is kind of a mess in general. After the challenge is done, Santa’s definitely going in the recycle bin :slight_smile:

Thanks for keeping the feedback rolling in! Today’s will go up later this evening.


Day 7: Snow!
Got a bit mucky in places.


Spooky! Someone’s on the naughty list.


Was on the road a bit yesterday, so doubling up today.
Second one will be up this evening.
Day 8: Freezing.


I really like day 8. The contrast in the colors make it pop and it really feels like they’re freezing. Can’t wait to see the next :slight_smile:


Went for something quick tonight. a slayin’ sleigh, for the prompt of sleigh.