Different UV's for color & alpha on the same material


For the same material I need to use one texture with a UV set on the color channel and a different texture with a different UV set in the alpha channel… how can I do that?


Just put material tag before the UV tag. That material will be applied using UV at his right. On the second material active texture mix.

Example on youtube


I need different UV’s for one material, not 2 different materials.

I have this parrot with these feathers on the head. As you can see, they have one UV1 set with the same texture of the mesh underneath, so they have matching colors. And then they have another UV2 set which covers each individual feather surface, so they can have a feather shaped alpha.

This is supereasy to do in both 3dsMax and Maya. In your texture you just select which UV set you want to use and you are done. I just simply can’t understand why Cinema4D has to be so obtuse with a thing that should be so simple.

Maybe there is some other way to do it that I’m too dense to see then. XD


Have you tried using a bump for UV2 ?
(The bump would be the gradient for each feather)


Mmm… I don’t understand. What does a bump or a gradient have to do with this?

The color channel is not just a gradient but a full 4K texture. It just looked like that with the default low-res settings in the editor, but this is how it really looks:

What I need now is to give those polygon feathers a feather shape Alpha:

But of course if I use that UV set 2 for the feathers then the color (UV set 1) is lost and it ends up looking like this:


Can you supply a small section of the top of the head with all relevant tex’s ?





Depending on what version you’re using … this may help

In regard to your file, thanks, I’ll play with it later.


I am using R20 version, but this video doesn’t deal with using different UV sets.

My problem always keeps coming back to the same issue: the color and alpha must use different UV’s.


Your file: Though I loaded your tex’s…render asks for all tex’s as missing.
So, I can’t play with it as thought.
However, this may be of some help ???


Other textures are not needed to check the issue. Just remove their link in the materials.

Yes, I can set a different alpha channel… but that doesn’t make it a different UV set. Still the same issue.