Did anyone else have their Network lists dissapear?


After CGtalk came back online today I noticed that all of my personal networking lists have dissapeared. Is it just me?


Mine’s reduced to 5 displayed, although it says I have 8 in my settings…? Don’t know where the others are…


They’re there… you can view them all in the Manage Network section. I guess the members with more than 5 were causing a bit of lag, and it was made to display 5 randomly from the total network.


if you go to your manage page ( http://portfolio.cgsociety.org/manage/my_network.php ) you should be able to see them all still.

at the bottom of your artists page, it displays a random selection of 5 of your links - people’s lists were getting very large and it was blowing the length of the page out. I think there may also be a bug that if you don’t have 5 people in your list, it doesn’t show any, when i get back into work, I’ll check this :slight_smile:


An option to see all of other´s network would be nice.


yep, u’r right, i have less than five(o man, less than five friends:cry: ), mines not showning anything!



An option to see all of other´s network would be nice.

It used to be like that and now got changed for several reasons.
I like the new handling much better.


Well I have 5 now and I still see nada.


All fixed now. Thank you all for pointing me in the right direction!


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