Desperately trying to find a perfect solution


I am just a begineer of animation world .can anyone please give me the exact way where to start .I am trying to learn drawing.can anyone tells me is this helpful for animation .


first of all combine programming and animation…

learn both simultaneously…

as for the animation… First learn sculpting in Zbrush (my advice).

Buy a cheap 80 usd tablet and start with tutorials on youtube. In 4 months of intensive sculpting you’ll be ready to goo and freelance.

After that>>> go heavy on texturing, lightning tutorials in zbrush, substance painter, retoplogy with zremesher and eventually maya and 3ds max.

Once you mastered 1. sculpting 2. texturing 3. lightning 4. retopology

you are ready to animate your models.

By this time you’ll be a very expensive freelancer with a lot of experience. Just remember stay active. Do not wait for a job. Keep modeling, model for fun, model for tears and smiles. Do not stop.

Watch constantly videos for c++ since c++ will be even more needed with robotics and heavy loaded games in the future. C++ isn’t going anywhere. Go straight for c++ don’t listen to guys bringing you down and telling you to waste 3 years of your life with java. 3 years of c++. Watch videos, learn about it what it is… Go through tutorials over and over and over without programming anything. Remember, your focus will be sculpting and animating. After 4 years of animating and sculpting>>> you’ve been watching c++ in your free time for over 4 freaking years. IT is time to start writing the code and experimenting. Keep in mind you’ll never be a good c++ programmer if you didn’t start early as a kid. But who cares? 99% of them aren’t. They mostly just program normal stuff that industry requires and very little of them invent some new ways and stuff.