Den Gudomliga Komedins Helvete [Secondary School Exam Project], Toli Andersröd (2D)


Title: Den Gudomliga Komedins Helvete [Secondary School Exam Project]
Name: Toli Andersröd
Country: Sweden
Software: Maya Mudbox Photoshop
Submitted: 2nd September 2014

Den Gudomliga Komedins Helvete (trans. “The Divine Comedy’s Hell”) was my exam project for my third and last year of secondary school at Ljud och Bildskolan Trollhättan. It was a series of nine pictures reflecting my own view and thoughts on the meaning of each of the Nince Circles of Hell in the Divine Comedy that was written by Dante Alighieri in the Middle Ages.

I made a web gallery for the pictures with short texts to correspond with each picture. My mentor’s for the project, being two of my teachers at LBS Trollhättan, also suggested and helped me print all of the pictures and put them up on a wall next to each other at the school.

At the end of the year (which was this year, 2014) I also won the prize for Year’s Best Graphical Product at our schools gala.

The project is loaded with personal experience and political views so take caution.

Work was completed from August 2013 to December 2013.


Divine comedy and there are many other subjects in a school which we need to cover for the time being though and never let anybody else to complete it rather than experts on coursework help who were the professor in the time and give you alot of examples for the assignment to complete.
you can also put and add pictures for the assignment and set many new examples.