demo reel attention


Hi guys! Greate job!
I don’t know if was mentioned before, but what about the demo reel? I’m not saying that should be uploaded on cgsociety servers but i think that a section for the demo reel will be nice, a place where to put a direct link to the demo reel uploaded somewhere else, a space where to describe the demo reel and options for downloading or online view. I just think that a little attention must be for the demo reel also. To be integrated more in the online portfolio eaven if it’s uploaded somewhere else.


for now, take a good frame, use that as your image, and link to the reel in the description.


Animation hosting will be available in the next revision of the CGPortfolio. When that happens, you can host your demo reel.


ok, thanks, good to know that :thumbsup:


Nice! I know CGPortfolio is still in beta, but do you have any idea when next version is coming?


i think the term most commonly used is “when it’s done” :slight_smile: It won’t be such a long wait as the first version however :slight_smile:


Hey amazing! Thanks for the reply!


Will reel hosting/linking be enabled in time for CGPortfolio’s wide release (i.e. to non-CGSociety members)?


Not internal hosting, I’ve got a whole pile of stuff to do to make that work :slight_smile:


ahhh coolio, now I’m getting excited about this :bounce: . For a moment there I thought us meager animators were being left out :stuck_out_tongue:


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