Delete modifier by name?


Sure, blow my mind :smiley:

The only thing I can think of is that using (for obj in objects is wrong) or that querying meshsmooth class by only using meshsmooth is wrong.


the clue is “What if a node has more than one MeshSmooth modifier applied?”


I guess its my fault for not considering that!

for obj in objects do 
	theMods = #()
	for mods in obj.modifiers where (classOf mods == meshsmooth) do append theMods mods
	for mods in theMods do deleteModifier obj mods

this seem to work for me pretty well although I think it would get really slow, so I am sure you already see a much better way of doing it :slight_smile:


there is semi-pro way:

for node in objects as array where (mods = join #() node.modifiers).count  > 0 do for m in mods where iskindof m MeshSmooth do deletemodifier node m

and there is a pro way:

for t in (getclassinstances MeshSmooth astrackviewpick:on) do for node in (refs.dependentnodes t.client) do deletemodifier node t.anim


PS. more PRO sometimes doesn’t mean BETTER (or faster)


Interesting, did not know you could use getClassInstances that way, but I never tried it. Very cool, I like the semi-pro way better then the pro just because its easier to read.

quick question: My method it works, but what are the redundancies in it?


there is nothing bad… but of course disable/enable view redraw has to be moved out the node loop… as:

with redraw off for node in nodes ... 

it’s better to replace do append with collect

  mods = for m in node.modifier where ... collect m
  for m in mods do deletemodifier node m

and… there is a trick. you can delete modifiers in backward order:

  for k=node.modifiers.count to 1 by -1 where iskindof (m = node.modifiers[k]) ... do deletemodifier node m 

last (backward loop) solution saves some memory. which is not bad sometimes.


Yes :smiley: I noticed that after I submitted the post! thx man!


Correct, the exit has to be removed. Also, if there are multiple meshsmooth modifiers applied to any obj then the code will work on first(top) one.


(getClassInstances meshsmooth).enabled = false

works fine.


Pro tip!

(getclassinstances MeshSmooth astrackviewpick:on)

Thanks for that Denis!


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