Delete mesh modifier problem


I have accidentally applied delete mesh modifier to few objects in my scene. I dont know there name. is it possible anyway to find out objects that I have in the scene but cant select because of this problem.



Delete-mesh objects are still selectable.
Select everything. Reference coordinate system: LOCAL and now there will be a grey gizmo where the deleted mesh is.

Select by name lists all objects. Eventually you will find for what you are looking.

You could select all visible objects one by one and then press: Ctrl I to invert the selection.


download script “Modifier Modifier Zorb” in scriptspot
it‘s useful for lot’s works
with it , you can delete the modifiers directly without known who the objects are.


if it wasn’t 2 bazzillion objects that you did this to…then a quickie way is, F11, in the pink panel:

(getClassInstances DeleteMesh).enabled = false


then they will pop up, ie. the modifier has been disabled.


Just select all meshes with zero faces:

-- get all meshes into an array
meshes = geometry as array

for i = 1 to meshes.count do(
	-- get face count for every mesh, if the mesh has
        -- 0 faces, add it to the selection
	faceCount = getPolygonCount meshes[i]
	if faceCount[1] ==0 then (
		 selectmore meshes[i]