Deformation of copied object


I have a sphere, it is deformed with a mountain node. I am then trying to copy the deformed sphere object via some points and a “copy to point” node.
All the copied deformation spheres, now have the same deformation, which is expected, but is it possible, to deforme every object differently?

Because the mountain deformer is before the copy node, I can’t see how I can go back and change the deformations. If the mountain node is after the copy node, I am deforming alle the objects as if it was a single object. Is there some way to deform the objects separately? If I use a for loop, I am afraid that it will get very heavy if there is to many copies… can it be done in another way?


Found out I can use the stamp tool to deal with data from node before it, by the points that the geo is copied to.