Default Content browser window


Is it possible to set a default Content Browser window?


I’m not completely sure, what you are asking for. Maybe that’s also the reason, nobody answered, yet.

Is it just an open Content Browser in the layout, when C4D starts up?
Probably not, as your user level in this forum suggests, you know how to customize C4D’s layout. But just in case somebody new to C4D reads here: C4D’s UI can be customized completely. Just undock a Content Browser via the hamburger menu or directly rip it off via the same icon. Dock it where ever you like, then Menu: Window -> Customization -> Save as Startup Layout (or Save Layout As if you like to have different options available via the layout switcher).

Maybe not as obvious as the above would be to have C4D automatically open with two separate windows. So you could have a Content Browser on second screen next to C4D. The workflow is the basically the same, just open a new “group window” (Menu: Window -> Customization -> New Group Window). Dock what ever you want (probably a Content Browser) into this new window. Drag and resize as needed and then again save the layout.
This in my opinion is also the smoothest way to configure C4D in a work environment with multiple displays.

And then there’s my third interpretation of your question. To have the Content Browser open with a specific library (or folder inside a library). Unfortunately I’m not aware such an option is in our hands. As much as I’d like to have it, too.


Thanks for your time to answer my maybe incomplete answer.
I asked this because every time I hit the content browser window after startup it opens with the standard Fabric library.
I made some favorite collections of models and would like to startup with my favorite library…


It had to be number three. It’s always number three…

While I’m not aware, that we have an option to specify a standard path, at least here the CB always opens with the last location. Is that different on your end? Then I’d try to find out, where I changed to a “remember last location” style.

Another thing that may be of help here are Favorites. Which at least shorten the path.


hahaha. found it.
I work on a MacBook Pro and made a startup layout with the content browser set to favorites.
At work I use a second screen and made a dual monitor layout. Her I had the browser set to the standard fabric library.
Changed it to favorites, overwrite the layout and voila. Fixed it.


For me it opens to whatever the last thing I looked at in it.


Does this kind of solicitation work? Please stop. I’ve seen you in multiple threads. Stop.


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