Dear Humans: You aren't in Kansas Anymore


Meta-humans are coming.


… and our money leaving our pockets.

Who knows whats hardware that thing (what is it ? UE demo, game, app) will require.


Believe it is an add-on or package exclusively for Unreal Engine.


This is potentially “bad news” for anyone who’s business model included being a 3D character resource for the unreal engine.

Daz Morph3d MCS,Morph ID, Oasis, Tafi and the latest Unity/UE export plugins are all efforts to be the go to 3D Character provider for the gaming industry.

Just as Reallusion CC3 aspired to be.

Epic will soon make those efforts rather Moot.

At least Reallusion has a commercial software eco system
,at various tier levels, from $199 USD up to several hundred dollars
including a very good 2D cartoon program that even has a Mac OS version.

The future is in animated/filmaking.
People already in the UE eco-system will now have a native resource for high quality 3D Avatars.

We will have to wait and see how well they export to other 3DCC’s Like Blender,Maya Houdidni etc.



Something similar for Blender possibly


I tend to be more optimistic.

Cinematic gameplay has a high cost both for hardware and game purchase (from user’s point of view).
To meet those ends the player must be privileged … have high income to accommodate the costs and spare time to play the game. Actually few are those people.
If you see the whole scene at sociological level, people who play such realistic games are those who were born between 1986-1996, which means they were at their maturing develomental age (14-18) when they were introduced to these technologies.
Kids these days are introduced to games primarily because of their parents. If the parents fit that category of game genres then that set of consumers will try to persist through the economic and other changes.
Most kids are now on the low-end hardware. Their parents provide them with tablets and smartphones or a PC with just enough processing power for internet surfing.
What I think , is that there will still be plenty of jobs for character modelers (stylized, comic-like, animal, monster modeling, clothes and props etc).


cgchannel says it’s a browser app and

Available as both Unreal Engine projects and Maya source data



Daz has banned all discussion of Metahuman from their forums.:roll_eyes:.


New disruptive technology is usually good for some…not so good for others. Right?

If we get to the point that AI performs all aspects of game creation…might lead to cheaper games for all the worlds kids. But lots of artists unemployed.


I guess at some point we’ll all need to “learn 2 code”.

In some ways, it brings us back full circle. In the beginning there was nothing but code and in the end coding will be the only secure job left.


If we get to the point that AI performs all aspects

That is a big IF.

Sounds like the time when people of the '60s were afraid that robots would eventually do everything for us.
And before that with the Industrial Revolution craftsmen where afraid they would be redundant because the machines would take over everything…

There is no way the AI will run by itself without human supervision.
There is no machine that does not need a human to operate it. We made them to be dependant. In the worst case scenario the Artist of today will be the operator of the AI artist.

All AI is capable of is learning through real examples (like most of us). But true inspiration and originality is still (and probably will be for a long time) a human characteristic. Even if an AI will be capable of creating a human model or city or planet it will be an imitation of the real thing.

It really boils down to what is an Artist and what is Art. Is someone with great vision, ideas and inspiration but no ability to bring them to reality an artist ? Is someone with the ability to copy anything real to a piece of canvas but lacks originality and inspiration an Artist ? Well, it’s rhetorical (trying to answer it will get you in controversies) but the later is what AI has really achieved so far. And it’s not so different from what C4D was before the AI hype. Just set to Physical Render, put a light a sphere and a floor and push Render. Many artists can’t produce that image with classic media, does that make them less of an artist ? or did the rise of PCs take jobs from “real” artists away ?.

This reminded me of what Stewart Copeland said in an interview “I can play it very badly, and it comes back very nicely”

And what the technology has done to graphics designers has also done the musicians too. A musician doesn’t have to know how to play every physical instrument but knowing only how to play the keyboard plugged to an app like Kontakt will make him a composer without any real orchestra.

Stewart Copeland and John Lassen are geniuses and they still would be even if they weren’t part of the transitional generation of both analog and early digital era. And there are plenty of artists born in 2000 making money from Soundcloud using this technology without ever even seen a real cello.

When you have that Metahuman Creator you also need someone capable of calibrating it to produce something distinguished for your game, only an Artist can do that, anyone else is going to produce a character to play the part of an extra, not a protagonist.


We can acknowledge that AI will not replace a real person in its ability to evoke the kind of soul touching effect as seen in many works throughout time.

But then there are many commercial projects that do not require this at all, particularly in the area of VFX and image replacement (deep fakes).

A real person will still be needed to get it to that 110% for high budget jobs but for many small businesses, 80% will suffice. It is the mass market where AI will have the most impact.


People thought AI would never play Go as well as humans. Go is a very intuitive game with trillions of possibilities. Go is now champ of that domain. AI is replacing some copywriters, some legal assistants, some X-Ray techs. Computers can write their own code.

I don’t think we can accurately predict what AI will be capable of doing.

AI will be both blessing and curse. More blessing for some…more curse for others. And there are scenarios where AI will quite literally AI save humanity…or destroy/doom it.


I don’t even know why we dragged AI into this …

To create a new character in MetaHuman Creator, users will be able to mix and match from a set of stock content: the video above shows libraries of readymade bodies, faces, eyes, hairstyles and facial hair.
The base content can then be modified through what looks like a set of fairly simple slider-based controls.
For finer manual adjustments, the video shows the shape of the face being edited by manipulating a series of control points to adjust the form of the eyes, brows, nose, cheeks and mouth.
According to Epic, the app “blends between … examples in the library in a plausible, data-constrained way”.

AI does what it it programmed to do and like any other application we use, it is constrained to a specific area. Art is too broad and quite ambiguous to be programmed. Awareness too. As far as I know, AI in graphics has gone as far as to learn how to walk as a bi- or quadruped on virtual surfaces and guess particle simulations. So the next best thing to expect is faster TP and no need for MoCap equipment or libraries. Maybe in R27…

About the awareness there is a fun fact on page 10 : A tale of two bots:

Currently there is only specific purpose AI not General purpose AI. For an AI to achieve destruction level actions (or any kind of actions) on the real word is analogous for a human to be able to understand the universe so deeply that he can manipulate matter with his mind to act meaningfully outside the universe itself. Don’t forget that in order for an AI to think it needs processing power and memory, both limited. Even the cloud services of Google can’t accommodate that kind broad spectrum of sophisticated self-aware, self-driven and self-taught AI. It would mostly evolve to something like a demented person - no purpose, no needs, no motives. There is no good reason why a powerful AI would choose to destroy humanity or preserve life on the planet, ethics is something we made up. It could just sit and enjoy seeing us destroy ourselves, time doesn’t effect it, years can pass without it noticing anything not worth noticing.


I don’t see a reason for panic as long as the Metahuman tool doesn’t produce animals and environment too. And that’s already the drawback of this fantastic technique. The use case is limited. To human and realistic.

Tools like MakeHuman or Character Generator exists since a long time. And you still need hand modeled assets. They just shorten the pipeline here and there. Sculpting from a Makehuman base mesh goes a bit faster than starting completely from scratch. And same is imho with this tool :slight_smile:



If AI’s & other automation are as efficient as the promised
then we imagine that the increased productivity would result in increased economic prosperity& profits.

That means more revenue for taxes.

so thoereticly govenments will have more funds for assistance programs such as retraining and even universal basic income for all.

Older workers could retire earlier.
And younger workers too Daft for retraining receive a monthly stipend.

They already have UBI in oil rich countries like Qatar.

It will really become a matter of political ideology or will.

AI & machines only need a minimal number of skilled maintinance personel
and what happens when they start creating other machines and maintaining themselves?

Seriously Mates, have you ever seen some Star trek federation bloke banging on about not having “money” or a proper job in any of the star trek series/movies?:relieved:

I personally long for the Day when AI’s completely obliterate the need
for editing UV’s. :frowning:️


Movies are movies. Just because some screenwriter had an idea about a currency-free world it doesn’t mean it’s a sustainable one. In the movie it’s sustainable because they have alien technology to beam them anywhere and “magic” cheep fuel.

Political Ideologies are all sustainable in theory but not in reality. You can take any ideology from history or present day. The truth is that most (if not all) political ideologies are not sustainable by themselves without the others.
North Korea is still on the map just because it isn’t big enough. You can’t have one State-planet under one ruler. Divide is inevitable happened with China, England and many others.
Communism couldn’t support an economy. Even Cuba recently distant itself from “all belongs to the state” moto.
Democracy isn’t sustainable because not all people have the same state of mind to choose what is right for them.
What really is sustainable is the ongoing turmoil between countries with different political and religious systems. Too few and the system collapses with the greatest misery possible (great long wars with life loss).
The world is what it is because it was what it was. And what sociologists see is that the world (not the environment) tends to be a place with better and better living standards. That’s because every society now observes what the more prosperous societies have done to become like this and try to mimic. Societies that want to remain unconnected tend to have the lowest living standards and greatest illiteracy. China is one of those countries, it may be a thriving economy, it may have more and more people with better living standards but we are talking about 1.398 billion people. Beijing had blue skies in 2008 during last preparations for the Olympics since 1993.
India is not what it used to be. UAE are not what they used to be and that is because they had the Western capitalized system to “exploit” (not for ever).
What capitalism brought was trustworthy technology. Without capitalism you’d probably have a PC similar to the '60s with the difference of having a chance to be electrocuted once a while. But what monarchy is to people, capitalism is to companies. As companies merge the lesser the competition. What makes capitalism live longer is legal alliances (still from slightly different societies) that will try to protect the masses (food and health regulations, consumer rights etc…)
There is no country totally self-sustainable no matter what political/social/religious system it has.

What i’m trying to do is justify the reason why there is going to be no earlier retirement and no universal basic income for all. And increased productivity doesn’t always result in increased economic prosperity.

And no engineer will ever build a machine that maintains itself (just try to think of the most basic self-maintaining machine… there is none. It all comes down to humans.). Having machines creating other machines to maintain themselves and those machines have to create other machines to maintain them and so on… Does that ring a bell ? Well it’s called ecosystem and has been around for hundreds of million years. That train of thought just dresses the whole physical history with metal (which is also much more limited from organic matter).

By the time AI obliterates the need of UV editing, it’s already obliterated the need to model anything…
What I’m waiting for is for MAXON to implement AI for geometry stylization before Blender does.