Daz Genesis transmaps?? how to render them


Hi anyone here have any experience with properly
rendering the hair transmaps from imported Daz figures?
I have tried everything making sure they are set to double
sided etc, but the transparency still will not cut out
using lightwave 2015 windows 7 sp1.



it might help if you could illustrate how you approach the problem. Could you provide some screenshots of your material? A rendering perhaps?


Lightwave 2015 Daz genesis rig imported via fbx


The same rig imported to Blender 2.79 renders correctly also in Maxon C4D
I have tried every option in the LW surface editor
however I cannot get to hair transmaps to load/render properly.

I am trying to replace C4D in my rendering pipeline with Lightwave
because LW supports MDD natively which is how I am rendering my Iclone animated
Daz meshes in C4D.
but alas this hair issue is a bit of a show stopper.


hard to tell from the images. A wild guess: not the correct uv map assigned?
Did you apply the transparency map to the correct UV-map? I might be wrong but it also appears as if the color maps are not correctly projected/applied.
You can still try the newtek-forums. I believe there are more daz/lw-experienced folk over thereā€¦ http://forums.newtek.com/forum.php