daw's Daily Sketchbook: (From: CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum )


Awesome work daw! Its great to see your collection of daily sketches all in one thread.


Thanks guys! - Thany nice to see you around!

roosterboy my comic soon to come - hehe!

a daily animation I just double the time limit - will do more of these…
1742: 40mn “windmill”

animation H264mp4


Great thread you have here man, the animations you’ve been doing are top notch! The entire collection is entertaining from top to bottom, thanks for the motivation!


Wow, it’s my first time surfing in this section and oh boy, I’m glad I have dropped by yours! Your touch of humor is what make all more entertaining and also a lot of good sketches and animations… especially the electricity one! It is quite hypnotizing to watch. Very unreal! Thank you for sharing that with me (and everybody else too)… you’re inspiring me to start my collection here.


hey! - …thanks u guys…!

Rabidt1 - thanks - I really love your “Lost Cavern” - man those strokes on that and the light - man…! great work!!

DreamMaster - you really have made some progress over here… keep it going

I have bean way to busy lately so I have to catch up with all u guys… Im rusty.

1762 NO TIME LIMIT “Neptune’s Daughter”

1786 45mn “The Trip”

1812 50 mn “The Leader”


I love your sketches, really like the humor in them. I was laughing my ass off when I scrolled trough your sketchbook. Nice inspiration for me.

Hope I will reach that level some day.




thanks man!

1813 NTL GAME DESIGN: "The Queen of the Rocketmen: THE AIRSHIPS


DreamMaster - you really have made some progress over here… keep it going

Aw thanks, great to hear that from somebody I admire for inspirations. :smiley: I forgot to open a thread here to keep track of my DSGs, but oh well, being busy get best of me, I only can do so much. Whew. :smiley:

Keep on sketching! :smiley: Your game design piece really rocks! It reminds me of a old movie called rocketman or something close to that… it has similar color scheme and feeling.


thanks DreamMaster…

Heres just one more… damn Im way to busy these days… really wish I could do every topic…

  • maybe I’ll should take or force to make time for it and really do it… hmm… hmm…

1830 54mn “The Sheep”


haven’t painted a car in years so I covered most of it in snow hehe…

1833 60mn “just a little further…”


1835 25mn “the Line”

1846 50mn"The Babe"


1868 65mn “Day One”


vacation is over…
1890 45mn “the Fable”

1886 45mn “reflection”


1899 45mn “The Comic Book Guy” - really need to make this happen… someday:)

1912 45mn"Dreams"


1914 55mn “The Journey”


1916 45mn “Down the rabbit hole” - feels like Im into a new blue period:)


1918 30mn “The Mark” you don’t make a Mark Ryden in 30 min hehe…

1921 55mn “Alone in the Dark”


Daw, your last illustrations are just great. Everything: color, mood, idea, etc. is on the top!
Love yours “Down the Rabbit Hole” and the last one “Alone in the Dark”.
Brilliant sketches, keep’em coming! :thumbsup:


Thanks Sergey! - just wish I had more time over here…

well two more

1928 55mn “Monkey’s with Guns”

1936 55mn “A Sick Man”


Hey Daw…I think Sergey was spot on…your latest works have been wonderful and inspiring. You’ve got so many great ideas in that head of yours… its fun to see all the diferent styles you utilize. Now you just need to figure out a way to pause time lol.