daw's Daily Sketchbook: (From: CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum )


it was really hard to leave a comment on your thread, too many images and the page never comes 100%!
anyway i wonder how no one leaves comment hear!
really nice job
i like the ones that has less airbrush
will follow your sketchbook



Daw, your sketches are so elegant and so entertaining. Your style is very unique. Being a new member, I haven’t seen your older sketches, and so it was nice seeing your earlier submissions to the DSF. It’s good to have great artists like you around at the DSF!


Oh my, you have been busy haven’t you? I just loooove the fairytale qualities in your work. Everything from the fun and slightly odd characters you invent to the completely insane environments. I can look at them for hours! You really have a unique style going. :bowdown:

Cya buddy!


It’s great to see all of these wonderful sketches together. Great work!


thanks guys for the kind words! I really appreciate it!

alshakno - hehe! yeh the first page tuned out pretty heavy…

xtopher - I started on sketch 229 and kept going… I learned a lot over the years thanks to the DSF…

renderbender - longtime no see! it’s time to call everybody for some serious beer drinking :beer:

NathanielWest - I dream that one day become a master like you! - thanks man!


1602: 30 mn " The Haunted Forest"

1604: 50 mn “The Red Monsterr”


I really like the read monster
the brush work and colors really look nice
the only thing that seems a little out of sync is highlights

nice design



thanks! and sure the highlights are a bit of

  • but stuff like that happens to me when sketching to fast :slight_smile:

1608: 60mn “The Dead Tree”


some more…

1637: 35mn “Baby devil”

1638: 40mn “Milk” mmm…

1648: 45mn “the doorway”

1658: 45mn “Ecstasy Of Gold”

1673: 55mn “Escapist”


Hey Daw!
Your collection of sketches is very impressive!
It’s so nice to see how you have improved over time and I especially like the fact that you always try to put a little bit of humour in each work.
Nice job! :slight_smile:


You definitely ARE a master !
Just looking at your sketches teaches me a lot about composition, colors, textures… OMG, I’m gonna have a lot of work !
Thanks for sharing your skills !


thanks guys! - and Zeyone here’s for you some really old stuff with some humor in it…

Daily Sketch 269 “First Kiss”

Daily Sketch 284 “leonardo da vinci”

Daily Sketch 307 “Midnight Escape”

CgTalk Daily Sketch 521 “First kiss”

Daily Sketch 530 “Lust”

CgTalk Daily Sketch 531 “Greed”

CgTalk Daily Sketch 535 “It sleeps beneath our streets…”

CgTalk Daily Sketch 542 “Envy”

CgTalk Daily Sketch 802: 40 MNM SKETCH: “crime scene”


some new stuff…

Daily Sketch 1677: 50mn “Her name is Lavender”

Daily Sketch 1680: 40mn “Red Snow”


daw, your sketches are so damn cool and clean. real inspiration

the Lavender sketch is simply awesome. i imagine it would look great as a huge painting in a living room

keep drawing! :thumbsup:


Hey Creeto thanks! - I will print some of them and it cost around 400 -500 SEK for a 60/100cm and they look damn good… and I’ll almost make all of my sketches in 1600x900…


Daily Sketch 1683 55mn “Electricity” - use firefox for accurate frame rate…

Daily Sketch 1687 45mn “Cool Chair” 3D


Daily Sketch: 1688 55mn “It is lonely at the top”


Its really inspirational to see your sketches like this Daw - thanks :thumbsup:


Thanks man! - and it’s really great that you are back on DSF!

1699: 65mn “The Sweet Smile”

1701 45mn “The quiet victim”


Awesome work! will check this page a lot !