[Data Operators] Plexus like system


I have been trying to create a plexus-like system for quite a while, but i have to declare defeat.
It seems like its impossible to do in Max pflow data operators. I have reasearched a lot around the web, trying to find resources with information on the technical stuff behind it, but to no avail.
Most of the stuff i find is years old, where most links are dead or have been removed. There is an example from Khye Kading - https://vimeo.com/70201118 thats petty much what im looking for.
Though this is only one of several effect in the same system.

Very simple setup Two emitters

Top : Mparticle (I need to collision effect when lines can be created)

Bottom : Normal Particle

Data Operators

My problem seems to be that i cant get any information between the particle systems such as the particle position or the index.
It might be my understanding of the system there is lacking. If someone knows where i can find detailed information on the data operators it would really appreciated.


Something like that?


Yes, its sort of like that.
Excepts i need it for a animation with moving particles, and i dont know if the setup you have capable of aligning the particles when moving.





The mcg would work if it wasnt because i needed some vertex color data out from the particle system and i need multiple systems working together.
The plexus system is only a small part of the animation im looking into doing.
It would work best if it all could be done inside the PF system.


doable ;)


That is exactly what im looking for! :smiley:
Can you explain how you have done it?


I have two pflow sources.
First one with moving particles.
Second one with connections

In data operator of the first one:
 save in global custom outputs current particle position and closet particle position or whatever else data you might need in data operator of second pf source

In data operator of second:
put custom inputs and set first pf source as Proxy particles and particle index.
now when you have particle pos and target pos, interpolate between them for say twenty particles.

I don’t know how to automate spawning needed amount in second source so I put particles count manually (firstSourceCount * 20)