Dartmora #DrawCember Thread


I agree, the style is very special.


I would love to see that drawing in illustrator


day#6 something in color to break up the greys. here is young mrs. Clause serving some chocolate chip cookie


thanks @JPTsui glad that day is behind me.


day 6 i tried again to do a landscape sketch.


I like the mountains on the back and the cold feeling.


feeling a bit crappy so I figure I would draw Darth Santa.


“I found your lack of toys disturbing…” LOL


Who knows how Darth will celebrate Christmas!


Lol! Very cool :smiley:


nice style man!


thanks everyone for the love, @grafik your work is amazing and I appreciate the complement.


day 9 a nutcracker toy


Day 10 can’t sleep so i figure I would draw something cute. Gingerbread people sharing a nice moment.


What was the present? a gingerbread cookie? oh oh…


The gingerbread image is super cute. I like the nutcracker too, though he looks a bit confused haha


Ahh those gingerbread people are adorable -
He looks so happy!


i love the way the gingerbread cookies came out. there too cute for their own good. and yes the present itself is a cookie


it took me two tries to get a decent look but i see i need to focus on my anatomy skills. here’s Buddy the elf well sort of


Eep! The gingerbread cookies are adorable :two_hearts: