Dartmora #DrawCember Thread


here is my first post a wreath not sure what he’s doing. #drawcember #madewithwacom #day1


This is the only holiday wreath allowed to exist starting now. I love this!


justcallmeinsane he’s a bit confused it’s December already.


When you wake up from a nap and you’re not sure what year it is :smiley: hehe. I like the retro style this has and the somewhat confused look on his face :slight_smile:


Ahaha! Very cool Dartmora :slight_smile:


pumpkin spice latte anyone? day 2 post


Nice!!! :slight_smile:


Hot chocolate!
Also cold in Miami Dartmora?


I love the wreath, he looks scared!


It’s never cold, sweater weather for us is in the 70’s


Cool style of work,


I like the steam and hair on that second one.


Scare and cute!


Day 3 Frosty forgot his manners. Winter sniffles get him a hanky! #Madewithwacom


Poor kiddo ! Look at his face ! XD
He seems to think “Why me ?”. Simple but very effective ! Me likey :slight_smile:


I guess even snow man’s get a cold…


sorry for yesterday a lot of things got piled on At&t stop working my wife got 4 wisdom teeth pulled out and the kids needed to be put to bed but I made sure today I’m going to catch up to everyone. my submission for # 4 is Jacob Marley looking for a tree to hang his ornament. Enjoy! happy #DrawCember

njoy was fun thinking about this concept.


Aw that sucks! I hope the evening went as smooth as it could be. It’s awesome you’re persisting on the drawing challenge!


First landscape sketch not extactly my best but had fun with the swirls.


Loved this sketch! Its cool to have thoses fluid lines swirling around